GourmetKid All-Complete Vitamin: Gluent-Free, Non-GMO, Whole Food Supplement!

When it comes to choosing a quality children’s multivitamin, it’s not only important to find one that your kids like, but one that contains the highest quality vitamins for kids. Our liquid children’s multivitamin does just that! Our premium blend of liquid vitamins is designed to provide children with the important vitamins and minerals that their bodies need on a daily basis.

This is truly a remarkable multivitamin all packed into a delicious liquid vitamin formulation that is easy for kids to take.

GourmetKid™ Candy-Complete Vitamin is a sugar-free and gluten-free, whole food supplement and liquid multivitamin for kids. This scientifically formulated liquid children’s multivitamin supplement is designed for children one year of age and older.

These are the best liquid vitamins for kids that science and nature have to offer. Specially formulated to contain a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, this great-tasting formula is designed to safely support the natural growth and development of children.

–Contains 20 fruits and veggies.

—No crystalline fructose!—Great tasting children’s liquid multivitamin with a tropical orange flavor sweetened with Xylitol.

—Double the vitamin D!—The American Academy of Pediatrics recently doubled its recommendation of Vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is essential for bone production and support in young children.

—NutraFlora®—scFOS prebiotic fiber combined with soluble fiber and plant-based digestive enzymes promote calcium absorbtion and gently strengthen the immune and digestive system.

—Fruits + Greens—a blend of fruit and veggies that will assure even the most health-conscious mom that her little ones are actually getting what they may be missing in their diet.

—Aquamin® mineralized red algae—a natural source of purified calcium, magnesium, and 63 other trace minerals.




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