How To Stick With Your New Year's Fitness Resolution

How To Stick With Your New Year's Fitness Resolution


January 1st noticias internacionales de hoy ( is a terrible day to start a new fitness regimen, as many a hungover post-New Year's Eve partier knows. There's nothing like a queasy belly, splitting headache, and the hope that bacon, eggs, and a bloody mary will save you to make you decide to skip that run you've been planning on, especially if you know it'll hurt since you haven't had time for physical activity the past few weeks.

No, the best day to start that new workout routine - you know, the one that you're finally going to stick with - is today.

"Woah," you might say. "Take it easy."

But hear me out.

If you start working out now, you have a much better shot of actually keeping it through the rest of the winter and into spring and next summer. That's for three major reasons: It'll be easier to deal with the cold if you start working out now, it'll make it easier to develop the habits that you need if you don't wait until after the holidays, and you'll feel better going into 2017 having already begun your new routine.
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