Rigid Global Buildings SKYPE Advantage

Rigid Global Buildings SKYPE Advantage

Rigid Global Buildings, the industry leading manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings, is offering the ability to communicate with existing and potential customers through SKYPE. Rigid has dedicated a 60" conference room TV for SKYPE meetings.

Add SKYPE to the advantages that come with being a Rigid Global Buildings’ customer.
The online conferencing tool keeps Rigid in face-to-face contact with customers and prospective customers throughout the world. "At the touch of a button, we can have a face-to-face conference call or meeting without all the high costs of travel," said Rigid Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Steve Olson. "It’s another example of how we constantly strive to offer customers the excellent service they deserve."

Rigid is an industry leader in metal buildings, steel buildings, pre-engineered buildings, metal wall panels and metal roof panels. The Houston-based company offers two options in renewable energy roofing and has also improved its metal building products with SOLAR (crystalline and PV laminate).

Like Rigid, SKYPE carries a global reputation for success. SKYPE supports conference calls for as many as 25 participants. The conferencing tool is available in the U.S. and 25 other countries. For the customer located far from Rigid headquarters, SKYPE is ideal for keeping in touch. With online conferencing, a customer’s key people can maintain constant contact with Rigid, both during manufacture and erection. Given direct access to the customer, Rigid engineers, estimators, designers and manufacturing team leaders can resolve a possible issue before it becomes an issue.

Innovations such as relying on SKYPE reveals how adroitly Rigid has understood doing business internationally, then succeeded at it. Outside the U.S., the company maintains facilities in Afghanistan, China, Guatemala, Nigeria and Qatar. Almost anywhere in the world, a customer can call on Rigid to produce nearly any kind of structure, including agricultural, aviation, religious, commercial and industrial.

Now (IAS) AC472 accredited, Rigid’s newer benefits include advance color selection. It enables a customer -- before ordering -- to preview roof, panel and trim colors as they would look on a completed project.

Source: Rigid Building
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